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A dream wedding day

I used to dream of my wedding since I was a little girl. Maybe it was all those mannequins wearing big frothy white gowns and adorned girls in the jewellery advertisements that convinced my little mind that it was the day every girl gets to become a princess.

It is almost an overwhelming emotion when we think of all the things to do in preparation for this "Big day". Things we do to burn big holes in daddy's wallet...or our own. From the invitation cards to the honeymoon, we wish everything to be flawless.

Every wedding is an experience by itself. There are big and small weddings, lavish and budget controlled ones, weddings with a a single maincourse and others with enormous buffets, well organized weddings and the out-of-control ones. I had indeed a lovely wedding celebration, extravagant in little ways and yet we maintained simplicity in most of the things. There was no compromise on how amazing the food was, my parents did a lot of homework to ensure all the guests would be confused as on what section to settle. They made endless visits to the caterers, kept modifying the menu, taste tested almost all the items and what not. We even had a separate buffet for desserts. For a south Indian Muslim wedding, it was beyond perfection. It is not about serving everything under the sky, rather it is about serving each of it decently, even if it is only a single maincourse. Because afterall it doesn't concern the guests how expensive your dress was but they only remember how beautiful the experience was.

I avoided all types of loud dancers and musicians and arranged for a live piano artist who played lovely romantic tunes and it was enough for us have a serene and an intimate ceremony. I only had my parents walk me to the stage in time for the ceremonies, which I always wanted only them to do. I tried not to overdo my make up and kept my jewellery minimal as the opposite of these are typical for South Indian brides.

My wedding stage was a beautiful setting with around 16,000 fresh red roses. My event planners did a fantastic job and were a lovely team to coordinate with.

We had all the gala fun on the Laylat-ul-Henna (Mehendi night), it was a blast! From traditional singers to a disco dance floor, biriyanis to shawermas, mehendi artists to photobooth, it was the most colourful night of my life.

Now my dearies, the wedding and the merry celebrations and all might last upto a month...or two.

But it takes more effort than all the wedding planning to keep your new journey just as beautiful. And it is defenitely worth it!

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