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How to recycle your Indian/Pakistani wedding outfits!

Desi brides probably have the most number of outfits for the wedding celebration. That is because the real celebration starts atleast a week earlier. An average order of the celebrations are Haldi, Sangeeth, Mehendi night, wedding day, and the reception. To add to that some cultures have additional celebrations like the dhoki/ghazal/geet function, a separate Mehendi function for the close family and friends and one with all extended families, multiple reception functions especially if the bride and groom are from different places, etc. I mentioned all these celebrations in my knowledge to indicate how many outfits and jewelley a bride must keep ready.

Most of the outfits consist of a blouse/long shirt, big long skirt, and the dupatta.

There are so many ways you could mix and match parts of these outfits to get great new looks.

I am showing a few tips here and will keep updating this post when I get more ideas.

1- The skirt is one of the best part of most desi wedding outfits. You could pair your skirt with a plain shirt of a contrasting shade from the skirt’s embroidery. The completed look is neither too heavy nor too plain, perfectly balanced. The shirt is from Zara and I have accessorized myself with a pair of diamond drops, an oversized diamond ring and a customized Reverchic glittery clutch to complete the look.

2- You can put the skirt and dupatta to use by pairing it with a simple contrasting blouse and wear it like a lehenga or drape it like a dhavani (half saree). This stunning friend of mine has used her skirt and dupatta as a half spree and classy is the word!

3- Brides who wore a long shirt, can pair it with a simpler flow skirt, pants or just contrasting leggings to have a statement look. This lovely girl has worn a plain matching Hijab to keep the look simple yet apt for a party.

4- Calling all the saree brides. Your blouse is multi useful! Most bridal blouses are embroidered and not to mentioned the best tailored blouse you might probably ever own. Be it designer or silk material, you can pair it with a plain simple spree in chiffon, georgette or cotton-silk. Accessorize royally, and you are good to be the showstopper.This lovely Hindu beauty has a perfect look for her temple day.

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