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From overweight to normal - How I did it

I’ve all my life been on the heavier side. Sports time in school were my most dreaded hours. I always preferred activities that required minimal physical work and hence I can say I had a very sedentary lifestyle. When food was considered, I never overate, my appetite was always normal but my consumption included calorie rich stuff. I could never keep my hands off fried snacks, chips and ice creams. Home made food was always normal and healthy, but I would sneak in stuff from the grocery store everyday after school. Luckily I am allergic to cheese and I hate the smell of ghee, if not I would have been more than just overweight!

I hit my peak weight of 79 kilos during my second year of university. The university cafeteria was becoming my favorite place to hangout. I would order burgers and french fries and eat a minimum 4 packets of Lays chips everyday. Somedays I would treat myself with donuts and ice creams. The large number of university projects and assignments made my life confined to the desk all day long. My clothes began getting tighter and the number of rolls on my body started increasing.

The day I went for the life changing decision was when for the first time during a vacation in India I wanted to borrow an ethnic dress from my mom and it wouldn’t fit me. She was way lighter than I was after having 3 children! I decided I would never come back to India in this condition again.

So what did I do?

My weight loss was quickly visible after I made these healthy dietary changes.

1- Switch to browns: I switched all my white carbs to browns. Brown breads, brown pasta, brown rice. Choose good quality brands from reliable stores as most of the cheap options are simply white stuff colored brown.

2- Order your meals wisely: I went back to the university foodcourt and never looked at the fast food restaurants again. I settled for a Subway sandwich most mornings for breakfast with the fat free sauces and no cheese on brown bread options. I also as much as possible packed my own meals to the university. These were mostly curried sprouts or grilled sandwiches. Luckily soft drinks were already never an addiction for me. I always made sure I ordered fresh orange or watermelon juice without sugar.

3- Stop eating heavy meals after 7:00PM: Heavy dinners are a no-no! make sure you have your last proper meal atlas by 6, and anything you eat after that should not be more than a glass of milk, fruits or salads. I hate salads so it was mostly fruits in my case.

4- Green tea is king: The extent to how well green tea works is magical! I do not drink any other teas or any coffee so this was easy and sugarfree green tea was a must before or after every single meal. It works wonders with fat loss out of my experience especially in the abdomen areas.

5- Count your calories: For a young sedentary person like myself, I found from my research that I shouldn’t consume more than 1200-1400 calories per day. I started reading the nutrition labels on every food packet I laid my hands on. It helps you stay in control and decide when to stop. It is also easier this way to compensate on another meal when you have cheated on your diet a little with sinful food.

6- Basic lifestyle changes: I quit taking elevators in the university and started using the stairs. I did the same as much as I can while going home too. That was all the exercise I did in a day for 1 whole year. I would also start my day drinking atlas 300ml water, right after I wake up. But you must have your share of a cheat food EVERYDAY, atleast a little piece of chocolate. It won't hurt ;)

People who saw me after a year told me that I pulled down a lot. There is no better happiness when the clothes start getting loose and when the numbers on the weighing scale start descending. Oh and when the compliments pour in. It is priceless! And thus from a good 79kgs I have come to 63kgs in just a year. It is just a couple of months that I have started training in the gym. Maintenance is not hard, just think of how hard you worked for yourself and how difficult it is to go back from square one.

Until my next post on how I went from normal to fit.

Stay healthy!

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