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Best face care routines - tried and favourited

In my previous blog for the brides, I had promised a post on some of the best face care products, packs and routines that will not fail to keep your face glowing.

Always remember that when opting natural remedies, desirable results do not show until you continue the routine religiously. Everything I mention in the below list has been tried and tested with positive results on MY skin, should you think it won't be the same on you, always be sure before you go ahead and try.

I am putting together the store bought and home made list together below. I will be updating this blog if I have any other good remedies to share.

Ved Rasaa by Ubtan: This is apparently a 100% Indian natural product made of rich ingredients without chemicals, and is said to have been originated from the Vedic Era, used popularly by royal family brides and grooms as a ritual before their marriage. It is almost magical how you get a lusturous glow as soon as you wash it off. The scent is simply exotic and you can literally see saffron and other luxurious ingredients. It is basically a scrub that you wash off after 2-3 minutes but I kept it on for atleast 10-15 minutes like we do for a face pack. All time favourite, guaranteed satisfaction! I got mine from a store in Kerala but I think you can even order it online for the same price. (Check link for more information:

Lush Brazened Honey fresh face mask and Mask of Magnaminty: Both these give a great level of freshness, cools the skin and gives a touch of brightness. The honey mask is apparently sans preservatives and should be refrigerated and lasts upto a month but the minty mask has a long shelf life. All Lush fresh masks are great, choose according to your skin type and requirements.

Homemade Gramflour facepack: The ultimate remedy for a bad tan! Mix together 2 tablespoons of gramflour/besan powder, one tablespoon of cold curd, 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder. Make it a nice thick paste and apply on your face, wash it off when it has nicely dried up.

Homemade Honey Papaya facepack: Another lovely mix for achieving the glow. Mash a small piece of ripe papaya and mix it with a teaspoon of honey (use the original fresh honey if you have that, really makes a difference!)

Rose water ice cubes: An EXCELLENT inexpensive face refreshing technique that an Emarati girlfriend told me from her routine. Freeze rose water in your ice cube tray and rub a cube twice a day before moisturizing. Nothing else has kept the face looking fresher! You can use the rose water you use for cooking, nothing fancy.

Aloe vera gel: Pretty much the best and most natural moisturizer. Cut a stem and keep it refrigerated in a piece of cling wrap. You can cut off a small piece everyday from that, wash it well, split it and rub the cold gel on your face. Once it has dried off you feel like you have applied nothing on! For me I didn't even have to wash it off before my make up. It is a great idea to leave this on your face overnight for a fresh morning skin. Completely odourless and non-stick once it has dried up in 2 minutes.

I have defenitely tried several other face pack brands but really, stick to as much as natural products as possible. It is always better on the long run. Always check the ingredients on the labels no matter how much they claim on the advertisements that it is herbal or all natural!

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