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30 random facts about me

When fellow blogger Namitha ( tagged me to write this on myself, I thought its a very easy way to let people know a little something extra about me, something more apart from the fact that I am a foodie and that I love clothes. I am pretty sure a lot of you can relate with atleast one of the below sentence, nothing extraordinary here. These are just 30 handpicked facts about this next door girl's life.

1- I HATE CHEESE: Cheese makes me vomit, the very smell. I even order my pizza without cheese. Its not just cheese I hate the smell of all milk fats including ghee.

2- I am a very irresponsible spendthrift: Money never stays with me, I can never seem to keep track of where it goes in no time!

3- I finish doing my makeup in just 15 minutes: I never contoured or highlighted my face. I just cannot find the patience for it.

4- I hate anyone sitting with their feet up on by bed: Except me and now my husband, no one else is allowed to "kick" on my bed. Even you are a child or my sibling, I will have to change the sheets after you leave.

5- I love to pose for photographs: I can do it all day long and take any efforts to look as flawless as I can for pictures. Photographers welcome :D

6- My cupboards and handbags are NEVER organised for more than a day. I rarely clear it for this reason. On those days I decide to clear my bag il have a heap of receipts, chocolate and gum wrappers, empty tissue packs, lost jewellery etc. Don’t ask what all I find from the cupboard after months of not clearing.

7- I used to be the mischievous daughter. I've been caught for bunking tuitions, school and etc. I will leave to your imagination.

8- I am a pescaterian since about 7-8 years. I stopped eating chicken when I was 15 just to test my will power for a month. I used to be a chicken addict since I was a baby.

9- I stick to my favourite icecream flavours, I cannot think of a change. My favourite ice-cream is the world class chocolate. In case thats not available I take a scoop of vanilla and one of chocolate.

10- I stock all our cars with small packs of biscuits. In case someone needy knocks on my window I dont want to turn them away empty handed.

11- The majority colours in my ethnic dresses wardrobe are in shades of pinks, nudes, peaches and oranges. I barely have any greens and blues.

12- I have a thing for Sufi songs and poems. I don't believe in them I just like how deep they are.

13- Not a day passes for me without potato chips. Barbecue Pringles, Oman chips, Indian flavours of Lays chips, french fries or just any regular salted potato chips will do. NO guilt at all.

14- I was always a very average student in school but for some reason my teachers have loved me. I keep in touch with some of them by writing them letters and even exchanging gifts.

15- I prefer gold over diamonds.

16- My worst phobia is of insects and creepy creatures. From butterflies to worms to lizards to frogs, I cannot sleep if there is a fly in my room.

17- I've so far travelled to about 10 countries apart from India and UAE. I wish to make it to atleast 50 before I die. In'sha'Allah.

18- I like spending time alone. If it is with someone then maximum one friend at a time. (family and cousins are the only exception)

19- I have never been able to do a single push-up exercise right till date. My upper upper body strength is very bad.

20- I don't know to style my curly hair.

21- My iPhone camera roll has about 17,000 images at the moment!

22- I dislike driving, I have a driving permit in UAE but it makes me sleepy or lost in thoughts. So I prefer sitting in the front seat and being in charge of the music.

23- The most important thing I believe about creating a good ambience at home is the scent. I hate it when the house smells of food (unless its of a cake baking). I burn a lot of potpourri oils and incense sticks everyday.

24- I cannot drink hot teas or coffee. Iced coffee is my choice in a café. And I wait for my green tea to cool before I drink it.

25- I never believed in an arranged marriage for someone like myself. But after having one, hey its not bad at all as I used to think, its all about finding “the one”.

26- I judge books by their covers literally. You will realize it once you see my Mills & Boons collection.

27- I own about 12 pairs of black Adidas yoga pants which I wear at home, to the gym, for shopping, on tours and also to work. And my black leggings are too many to count.

28- I dislike talkative people.

29- I have never and will never eat a salad for a meal.

30- Mom is my closest companion. My best guide. I might have trust issues with anyone else apart from parents.