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Eggs for Breakfast collection No.1: Healthy multigrain breakfast pizza

How to turn boring bread and eggs breakfast into something to look forward to? You make a nice healthy breakfast pizza, thats correct!

Ingredients for 2 pizzas

-2 Multigrain bread slices toasted well - (buy a good quality, it makes a difference)

-4 Egg whites hard boiled

-1 Finely chopped ripe tomato (Those who hate tomatoes avoid step 3)

-2 tablespoons Hung curd (I used spicy hung curd from Wingreens Farms brand)

-Some chopped pitted olives

-1 tablespoon olive oil or olive oil cooking spray

-Seasonings of your choice (I used salt, pepper, mixed herbs and za'ather)


1- Spread your nice firm toast with a tablespoon of hung curd. Now if you could not find flavored hung curd like I did, you flavor it! Just mix in some hot sauce or Tabasco, or just some pepper, or some peri-peri or cajun powder, the option is yours. You may even use the plain hung curd as it is.

2- Add finely chopped egg whites on top

3- In a little pan heat your oil and salute the tomato until softened well. Season with some salt and top some spoonfuls over the egg whites. If you hate tomatoes, you could replace it with some chopped mushrooms, or onions! All up to your imagination again.

4- Add your chopped olives and generously season on top.

Serve immediately and chaud while the bread is still firm.