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Top favorite false lashes

Unlike many other bloggers I use minimal products on my face simply because I believe in keeping it natural and not giving others a shock of their lives if they were to see me anytime sans make-up. I believe we need to feel confident on those days we apply nothing but a moisturizer. Which means I believe in using few quality products necessary for a glow and to accentuate necessary features like the eyes, lips and the cheeks. If you are looking for blending, contouring and highlighting you are definitely on the wrong blog.

Can you tell the above eye makeup was done by a Lebanese artist? And about 5 years back!

Lately I have developed major love towards false lashes even though the application is a pain and it could be an extra irritation on the eyelids. Its definitely the “must do” if you need to add an extra oomph especially when you cannot find the patience to blend those multiple eye shadows.

I have listed below my top tried and loved falsies along with its approximate lifespan. (Results and experience may differ from person to person.)

  1. Inglot lashes: Truly one of the most under-rated brand for lashes! Maybe because they haven’t marketed it, don’t know. But they have one of the largest collection of lashes from natural to synthetic hair, from natural looking lashes to dramatic to highly funky collections. This is one of my most recommended lash brand because it is super soft and super light weight (especially natural hair lashes), lasts for a good 8-12 wears depending on your care, great choice of styles to choose from, and best part much reasonably priced. My most recommended first choice for lashes!! My favorites are 64S, 30N and 16N.

  1. Benefit lashes: Another under-rated set of lashes, although few options, their lashes give a very doll eyed effect. It isn’t as light weight as Inglot lashes but they are so long lasting and the 2 pairs I have have lasted me more than 15 wears now. Not recommended for beginners as it is slightly trickier to apply. My favorites are Pin up lashes and Little Flirt lashes. Comes in a lovely hard box and is moderately priced.

  2. MAC lashes: Highly recommended for beginners as it is very very light weight and easy to apply. And highly recommended for those looking for a very natural subtle look. Not so long lasting, you could re-use it for about 5-7 wears. My favorites are A16 and A65.

  1. HUDA beauty: This brand has got some really great dramatic styles, my favorites being Giselle, Samantha and Farah. Life span is about 6-15 wears depending on your maintenance.

  1. The Mink & Co. luxury lashes: Super soft fur lashes, comes in a really fancy packaging. I have used my "Lace from the Flutter Collection" about twice and it was really comfortable the whole time. I am new to this brand and the claims are that it will last about 25 wears, yet to see the lifespan of my pair. I bought mine from their online store and I guess that is the only option. Slightly higher priced but if it lasts as long as 25 times it is so worth it.

  1. Saleha Abbasi: One of my favorite MUA’s, she has her own line of products and so far I have only tried the lashes and it has not disappointed me. My favorite style is “Doll House”, it is really soft, light weight. I am yet to know the lifespan as I have only used it a couple of times. Again, products of this brand has to be bought online from the official website.

  2. Vegas Nay: Probably the cheapest brand for lashes, you get them in Virgin Megastore or online. They didn't last me more than 3 wears but the look was very dramatic (I tried the style Grand Glamour), felt light weight and I found it quite easy in application. It came with a small adhesive but I used my regular lash glue.

The glue I use is DUO white glue. It fixes really well and doesn’t show any white once it dries.

This is also a well recommended good quality lash glue brand.