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Kylie v/s Huda Beauty v/s Kat Von D liquid lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks has taken the beauty world by storm! Looks like all our lip-glosses and traditional lipsticks have lost their jobs for a while now, at least until the trend changes to something else!

There is simply one major reason for why liquid lipsticks have become so popular!

ITS ABILITY TO LAST LONG If you wined or dined or...took a nap, it will stay more intact than normal lipsticks. Apart from that is of course the other cool features like the smooth finishing, great colors and much more.

Although I only minimally follow beauty gurus, I have been observing the hypes in the cosmetic market through various sources, most particularly Instagram and the traditional girls’ word of mouth. Probably the names I've heard the most of late are those of Kylie Lip Kit, Huda Beauty Lip Contour and Liquid Matte and Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick.

After using all 3 brands, I have found they each have certain + and - points, which obviously (disclaimer) is a result of my personal tastes and experiences which may differ for the rest of you. I have listed the brands in the order from my favourite to the least, to help you evaluate before you make your choice (if you haven’t already).

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick 9.5/10: With a great formula, and its super lightness on the lips, combined with its smooth application, my most favoured among the 3, the Kat Von D brand has kept its name for "everlasting". After applying it for work in the mornings I will come home later in the evenings to see it still looking fresh, in-spite of all the eating and drinking in between. The only downfall is the lack of more "practical" shades. I find most of her shades to be quite loud and not what we could use for a subtle look (except Lolita I). Of course, each brand's creator usually reflects his/her personality on his/her products. My favourite shades are Lolita II, Mother, Vampira, Exorcism and Lolita I.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte lipstick 8/10: The best part about this brand is the amazing range of fresh colors! Other than that the formula is super light but not as long lasting as Kat Von D for me. My favorites are Trophy Wife, Icon and Vixen. Best results can be seen when used with the lip contours, resulting in more intense and longer lasting looks.

Kylie Liquid matte 6/10: The venture by the youngest Jenner that took the beauty world by storm, being my least favorite from the three brands, I did find them to be very drying on my lips, and in a little while it powders off the lips and starts to stick on to the teeth. Furthermore, the lip kit was a waste for me as I found the lip liners lasting not long enough. Nevertheless, on the bright side, the colors are intense and they smell the best from all the aforementioned brands. This brand has a lot of amazing colors, and the shades I tried include Candy K, Dolce K, True Brown as well as Mary Jo K.

Written by: Henna AJ Edited by: Jasim AJ