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Nabeela Huda - Weaving magic behind the lens

I freshly remember that lazy evening during which my friend and I had nothing more refreshing to do during a study break than stalking friends' Facebook profiles. While showing each other amazing and funny news from others' feeds, there was simply one profile that caught my attention and we eventually ended up spending a really long time staring at her mesmerizing clicks. This is about 4 years ago, when I first heard her name and witnessed a talent so special even before I knew her. And to my luck, after a couple of semesters passed, we ended up taking a course together. There was no such thing as getting to know each other because a minute's chat with bubbly Nabeela was a path to a beautiful friendship.

A passion bloomed to profession, today Nabeela Huda is a growing brand in the United Arab Emirates in the field of supreme quality photography. A self taught photographer, she has mastered the art of capturing candid emotions to cherish for a lifetime.

From engagements & weddings to fashion to other speciality shoots, you will be left wonderstruck at how each photograph tells a story.

Nabeela is a freelancer currently based in Abu Dhabi, and is also open to take up shoots anywhere across the globe. She is a current sensation among Arab women to exclusively cover their ladies' wedding parties. (I sadly cannot publish samples of such events due to personal & cultural requests from her clients.)

Know more about her, get in touch with her and view more of her works through her website