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Basic shopping guide for Brides-to-be : what to buy and what not to

1- Essential make-up

Because fresh post wedding days are the best days to doll up. Make sure you have the basic essentials and get good quality brands. Some of my top recommendations are:

  • Mac BB cream

  • Too Faced Chocolate bar eyeshadow Palatte

  • A powder based blush like Mac, Dior, Sephora

  • Lakme Eyeconic kajal or Estee Lauder eyepencil

  • Sephora liquid eyeliner

  • Mascara by Too Faced They're real, Dior, Marc Jacobs

Key note: Buy only what you REALLY need and you actually use. Im ashamed when I look at my make up stash and find expensive unused make-up products which I "thought" I will be using like eye. I had to throw so many of them after it expired two years later. I mean, I cannot understand why I bought so many pots of eye glitters when I barely even use eyeshadow!

2- Good quality "daily wearable" lingerie

If you are not the person that wears string thongs and stone studded bras everyday, don't hoard too many of the kinky designs. On asking 10 girls married for less than 3 years, 8 of them said they still had many pre wedding purchases with the tags still on!

Instead stock up good quality basics.

A Victoria Secrets Bombshell bra is an investment! Choose colours like nude and black and probably in strapless design to go under any clothes.

Daily bras should not only be comfortable but also a perfect fit. If you are unsure of your size get it confirmed professionally. Stores like La senza, Marks n Spencers, Victoria Secrets can help take your professional bra measurements.

Buy yourself soft breathable material underwear for comfort and hygiene. Soft cottons are recommended and are better than satin or viscose for daily wear. Brands like Matalan, Tchibo, Bhs, La Senza has great cotton underwear in nice designs.

Lately bralettes are in vogue and these are not only sexy but also super comfortable. All major lingerie stores now stock pretty bralettes. I highly recommend trying the collection from Hollister.

If you wear tight jeans, pants, figure hugging dresses or skirts, I recommend you get some invisible No VPL panties. You get such designs from brands like Marks & Spencers.

In you sexy nightwear stash, make sure you have a couple of satin or lace robes to wear over your lingerie. When buying babydolls and nighties make sure the material is comfortable to sleep in (some materials makes you sweat bad). Also get soft shorts and pyjamas you can always wear around the house.

3- Travel bags

Must have !! It is of course a need if you are moving out of the country, but the feeling of fresh bags for the honeymoon is amazing too. I had bought myself a simple purple Delsey trolley set (one large and one mini for hand baggage) which I have been using till date while travelling.

4- Shoes and handbags

Depending on what your lifestyle demands. If you are a working woman, a woman who goes to glam parties, who often attends weddings, who travels a lot, who is sporty, goes to beaches... there are shoes and bags apt for all these interests. Always have a couple of classic designs that will go with most casual outfits. Brands like Charles n Keith has some very sleek and smart designs that you could take to work all week and can carry to a restaurant for a casual dinner.

Don't forget a nice strong cosmetic storing bag big and small size for home and one for when you travel.

5- Honeymoon essentials

If your honeymoon is preplanned, get the essentials in advance. If you have a beach honeymoon, bring out those colourful beachwear. If you dont wear skimpy swimwear you can always get long flowy dresses in romantic chiffons or vibrant cottons. For a winter honeymoon in the chilly destinations don't forget to carry one cosy coat, caps and good grip boots (so you don't slip and fall).

6- Avoid over-hoarding body care products: Do not waste money and space on buying the entire body care shop. Many brides usually tend to overstock the body butters and lotions, body mists and perfumes and what not. You actually need only a couple of each. Remember the stores are not shutting down when you get married, you can always find new collections even later. Many of us end up not even opening most of it.

7- Intimate wash (recommend SebaMed)

Many new brides are very prone to urinary tract infections. Especially if sex is a new thing for you. You need to take really good care and an intimate wash like SebaMed can be your friend along with some warm water to wash your downstairs. Also drink lots of water and don't forget to urinate immediately after a "session", although making love in movies have taught us to cuddle and sleep right after, never do that before peeing else that is definitely going to be a pain for you later sister!

8- Hair tools

For your never ending post wedding parties or simply to even dry your wet hair. These are lifesavers if you cannot access a saloon all the time. Highly recommend curling irons and ceramic hair straightener by Babyliss. Make sure the tools heat really high as this will help speed up your job. Hair dryers are brilliant in Braun and Babyliss brands

9- Knick knacks

Like hair rubber bands, hair pins, safety pins, hijab pins, little clips etc. Not having these = feeling handicapped. Don't make your self run around the new home looking for these. Stock them as they can always be handy for you or even to lend to a sister/mothernlaw in need :P

10- Essential accessories

A good branded watch, a branded pair of sunglasses, simple jewellery you can use regularly like rings and bracelets, are all handy and are quick additions when you need to go for a formal dinner or a casual evening out.

I am still thinking if I forgot to mention anything important.

Well ofcourse I am not listing down the A-Z general things like your clothes, socks, comb, sanitary pad, or make up removing wipes ... girls gotta always have these!

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