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Favorite products for dry skin

For someone who has always suffered from dry skin, winter weather = extra dry skin.

I stick to natural products as much as possible and below are some of my favorite products that genuinely helped me this season.


Palmers is definitely one of my favorite drugstore brand. The quality of their products is as promising as it claims. The Post Natal firming lotion has been very helpful in moisturizing my extra dry skin (and no I haven't had a pregnancy yet, you can still use it). The body oil has been my massage oil for the last couple of months. Best thing to love is its sweet scent, almost like a chocolate bar.

Available in leading supermarkets & drugstores.


This brilliant nourishing cream was introduced to me by my sister-n-law who bought me a pack when she returned from New Zealand. It is non-greasy and SUPER HYDRATING, by far one of the most hydrating creams ever. Not to forget the almost seducing scent, makes it such a winner!!! I also found a great difference in my Keratosis Pilaris skin condition with this product.

New Zealand's rugged south island high country is home to the merino sheep, producing the world's most exclusive natural fibre - merino wool and nature's own exclusive protective barrier - lanolin.The natural moisturising and protective agents of lanolin are refined and crafted to produce our merino range of skin care. Share in one of nature's secrets - Merino Lanolin Skin Care.

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For people suffering from Keratosis Pilaris (KP aka Chicken Skin) this is the holy grail remedy!

applying a thin layer of coconut oil over your body post shower leaves it moisturized and soft throughout the day. For those who find the scent overpowering apply a layer of it all over the body before bedtime. Nothing better than hours of good hydration.

Available in all leading supermarkets.


I'v been a lover of the Ameliorate skin care range for a couple of years now. What caught my attention to buy it first was the testimonials of clients who had an improvement in their KP. I love the results of this brand. It makes a difference when you use the loofah with their shower cream and then apply the lotion post shower. The bumps completely smoothened and it is intensely hydrating.

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5- NOOR SAFFRON CREAM (My favorite face moisturizer I discovered in Kashmir)

When I stopped at a local (but a popular) saffron store in Kashmir, I spent 300 Rupees on this little pot of natural fairness cream which the shopkeeper guaranteed I would love. He seemed to be popular with our most loved Bollywood celebrities and claimed some of them ordered this local product in bulk.

It is no doubt one of the best decisions I've made in my life. The ingredients label is convincing enough with all natural goodness, you can literally see the saffron strands in the cream. This has made my skin supple and bright since the last 2 months. I use it right after a natural walnut scrub in the morning which is also available in the same brand.

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